A Unique Way to Connect with the Stars: Astrology

Reading your professional situation under the light of astrology, horoscopes, tarot cards, palm reading or other oracles can offer valuable insight that benefits you in discovering your true career path. Take the time today to understand how others see your situation and what opportunities are out there for you. Without this deeper understanding of your life path, it may be difficult to get the clarity necessary to make wise business decisions about where to invest your time and energy in order to move forward towards fulfilling your inner calling.

Why Astrology Is a Valuable Tool

The purpose of astrology is to answer a variety of questions and bring insight into people’s lives. These questions range from how to choose a career, why certain relationships fail, to why one person is born into a particular life situation. The knowledge gained from examining your own astrological chart can help you take responsibility for your life decisions and take steps to ensure that they are the best decisions that you can make. The current planetary transits that are currently in your chart can provide new insights that are usually not available to people when looking at the same chart retrospectively. Understanding how your chart is set up can provide valuable insight to ensure that you are on the right path.

What To Look For In an Astrologer

Because no one can tell you what the future holds, it is wise to learn from your own horoscope. This will help you identify the unique characteristics of astrology as a predictor for your life. Whether it is your current state of mind, day-to-day experiences, conversations, interpersonal relationships, career ambitions, or religious faith, astrology is able to provide a number of insights that can be a useful aid in charting your destiny. When using an astrology reader, be certain that you are engaging with an astrologer who has a professional degree in astrology and who has a reputation for accuracy. While there is a wide range of certified astrologers, one is not necessarily better than another.

How to Read Your Horoscope

The horoscope is a set of phrases describing various aspects of life from the day of your birth date through the day of your death. Astrologically speaking, the day of your birth is your destiny moment. Here is the time that your destiny was written in the heavens. Many astrologers believe that everyone has a date in their personal horoscope. Some believe you should visit a fortune teller or psychic to confirm this date.

Whichever you decide, the benefits of visiting a professional for the purpose of your own career advancement can be endless. According to Dr. Lilly Handley, “Depending on your starting point, you could find information, revelation, or just a friendly voice.

How to Interpret Your Cards or Runes

Try making a ritual of reviewing your tarot deck and your personal alignment with the cards and how you can best interpret their meaning for you, either right now or in the future. Have a specific question for a particular card, or are you looking for a general message about your life? Once you have a moment to read the cards, take the time to apply their meaning to your life and imagine what steps you can take in order to carry out your goals.

Take some time today to consider your role in your organization or your family and to determine where your energies are best focused to bring the greatest benefit.

Follow these tips and guidance from your intuition and use your inner compass to guide you in a positive direction for the most success in your life today.

What You Can Learn From Palm Reading

This article can help you understand what direction you should go with your career path. The most successful people don’t get stuck in one place in their careers. They have flexible, challenging careers that offer a variety of career options that allow them to grow and learn.

Whether you are a company executive or a truck driver, successful people have chosen a career that allows them to stay on the move and have control of their schedule. The work you choose to do must be consistent in order to achieve the results you are seeking.

Study up on different career options and what makes one effective and different from the others. It is important to know that there are many paths to success, but each individual path requires a different set of skills.

How to Interpret Tarot Cards

Have you ever wondered how a person like Michael Jordan, John D. Rockefeller, Tarot card reader Jane York, celebrity psychic Sylvia Browne, or over 100 other well-known celebrities are able to interpret their futures in a consistent and compelling way? You might be interested to learn that the Tarot card system uses five colors to represent the five major chakras (energy centers) that encompass the body’s elements of fire, water, earth, air, and ether.

There are specific meanings and associations specific to each color. With this understanding, it may be possible to divine information from reading the cards and use them as tools to help you in your personal search for finding that “love of my life” or that dream job.

An Easy Way to Get Started: Learn about the Tarot Card System.


“Many of the greatest conflicts in history have been triggered by a difference of opinion, particularly by a difference of vision.” –Alexander Solzhenitsyn

As the big cycle of the year moves to a high point with the ascension of Neptune to the tenth house of authenticity, I encourage you to examine your work life and career in the light of this astrological development. As your position and understanding of your life path grow, you will have the resources and the ability to make decisions with the goal of making your lives richer and more meaningful.

From my perspective as a spiritual teacher, I am convinced that understanding your true life mission is essential for finding a way to reach the ultimate heights of happiness and well-being.

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