Psychic Source Review

Psychic Source Review

Psychic Source is the oldest and most respected service of their type on the internet (since 1989). They’ve built their reputation on High Standards and Integrity. Over 200,000 people a month call Psychic Source!  They were even featured on Good Morning America!  Psychic Source is my personal favorite.

Psychic Source Review: They Only Accept The Best Real Psychics!

All psychics who apply to become part of their network are put through a rigorous screening process. Potential members of their team are not only screened by the staff, but by some of the psychics already working there as well. After the screening process is completed, less than 5% of the psychics that apply are accepted. These are the best of the best… real, bona-fide Psychics.  They’ve passed the test.  This is exactly what I like to see!

Psychic Source Review: Would You Like a Free Psychic Reading By Phone?

*At the time of this posting The first 10 minutes is free for first-time callers!

I honestly know that from my personal Psychic Source Review and personal experience that if you’re looking for high quality, accurate Psychic Readings, Astrology Readings or Tarot Card Readings, you’ll definitely find them at Psychic Source.  Their services are also available in Spanish – just scroll to the bottom of the page and select Espanol.

Psychic Source Review Of Their Psychic Reading Offerings: 

  • Love & Relationships (Most requested)
  • Medium Readings
  • Money & Finance
  • Careers & Goals
  • Spiritual Matters
  • Dreams
  • Numerology
  • Pretty much everything related to psychic readings!

Psychic Source Review of their Satisfaction Guarantee says:

“If you’re not happy with your last live psychic reading, it’s Free!”

They’ll either give you your money back, or let you get another reading from someone else without paying one extra penny! Now how can you beat that? This is clearly a company that stands behind its’ reputation. This was what finally convinced me to give them a try. After all, I had absolutely nothing to lose.

So after completing my basic research on them, I decided to dig a little deeper. I went to their site and found that I could read the bio of any psychic I was interested in. This really helped because even though they may all be real psychics, I wanted one that fit the type of reading I wanted. Looking through the background information on the psychics that interested me the most was very helpful. It made it easy to narrow my choices down to the one I thought would fit me the best.

Another interesting and helpful feature they have is a short audio recording by each of the psychics – where they simply tell you about themselves. I found this to be quite beneficial because you can tell a lot about a person by the sound of their voice.
So after reading bios and listening to recorded messages, I decided to give my favorite one a call. We talked for about 30 minutes, and I can truthfully say that it was one of the best psychic readings I’ve ever had. The psychic was very professional in the way that she listened to me and answered my questions. I was also pleasantly surprised at how down-to-earth and friendly she was. All in all, it was a great experience – and I will use them again. They are definitely one of my favorites.

My Psychic Source Review: The Bottom Line

Psychic Source lives up to their reputation. I recommend them without reservation because they met the standards I was looking for in every way. And I can understand why they are considered the Most Respected psychic and astrology site on the internet. They’ve earned it!