Psychic Access Review

My Psychic Access Review was one of the easiest – and hardest reviews I’ve ever written.  It was easy because they are by far one of the best companies I’ve ever researched.  And it was difficult because there are so many good things I could say about them that I had a hard time choosing what to leave out!

Psychic Access Review: Commitment to Excellence!

Psychic Access was established in 2005 in Carson City, Nevada.  It was created with a “true commitment to excellence” and in their own words, “Integrity is the backbone of our business”.  Anytime a company starts out with such high standards, good things are bound to happen.  And the proof of this is that today they are providing quality psychic services to all 197 countries!

Psychic Access Review: Best of the Best Psychics!

Psychic Access puts prospective psychics through a rigorous selection process.  Their hiring staff is composed of psychics to insure that new hires are the real deal.  This company will tolerate NO Psychic Scams of any type.  New psychics must be experienced and provide legitimate, verifiable references.  Only 1 out of 8 applicants reaches the interview process, and only 1 out of 20 of them gets hired.  This insures that only the best of the best are chosen to work at Psychic Access!

Telephone or Video Chat Psychic Readings!

Psychic readings are available by Telephone or Video Chat. But here’s a new feature: You can have your telephone reading recorded so that you can go back and listen to it for up to 30 days! Or you can get a complete transcript of your Chat reading! Now you don’t have to try to remember everything the psychic told you.  It’s all available to you in the form of audio recording or written transcript!

By the way, you can Chat for Free with any psychic for as long as you want.  You only pay for your formal psychic reading when you’re ready to begin!

Psychic Access Services Include:

           Love and Relationships
           Life Coaching
           Family and Personal Issues
           Career and Finances
           Past and Future Lives
           Dream Interpretation
           Spirit Guide Communication
           Pet Psychics
           Free Daily Blog
           Free Monthly Horoscopes
           Weekly Internet Talk Radio Show “Psychic Viewpoint”
           and much more!

Psychic Access Review: Customer Service

Psychic Access doesn’t skimp on anything, and that includes Customer Service.
Their friendly customer service agents are available by telephone or email. They are committed to the same level of excellence that the company was founded upon. They want you to be satisfied.  And get this… the owner of the company (Doug C) answers your emails within 24 hours… personally!

Psychic Access Review: The Bottom Line

Psychic Access is truly a stand-up company. Not only do they offer as good a service as anyone could want, they are constantly looking for ways to improve.
There is no “second best” with this company.

Do I recommend them?  Yes… HIGHLY!