Oranum Review

In doing research for my Oranum Review, I learned that Oranum was started in early 2011 in Hungary and is now based in Luxembourg.  Since their recent beginning they have delivered over 1 Million Psychic Readings!  Oranum is currently the only psychic readings company that operates primarily through Live Webcam.  With webcam technology becoming more and more popular, they are true pioneers of the industry!  This company knows how to build a business!  Email and chat services are also available for those who prefer those options.  You choose the option that you like best!

Oranum Review: Unlimited Free Chat!

Oranum offers Free Registration with Unlimited Free Chat!  In other words, you can chat with a psychic of your choosing for as long as you want until you feel comfortable that they can help you.  You don’t have to pay anything until you are ready to begin your formal psychic reading.  At that point you simply purchase whatever amount of time you want and begin.  Like every other company I’ve investigated, per-minute prices vary among psychics.

Oranum’s Motto: “Confused? We Have Clarity”

All of Oranum’s psychics are thoroughly tested to ensure that you get the best guidance.  They also require that “any psychics hired by Oranum must have strong spiritual abilities and a great desire to help”.  This tells me that they do sincerely strive to offer high-quality services that will bring you the clarity you’re looking for!

Their Services Include:

           Mind and Body
           Home and Family
           Love and Relationships
           Career and Business
           Finance and Law
           Traveling and Relocation
           Health and Healing
           Rituals and Energies
           Lost and Found
           Chakra Healing

Sub-Categories Include:

Online Horoscopes:
Vedic, Mayan, Aztec, Chinese, Karmic, Indian, Western
Tarot Reading:
Tarot, Gypsy, Rune, Lenomard, Symbolon, Angel, Destiny

Spiritual Healing:
Reiki, Rune, Feng shui, Crystal, Holistic, Natural, Chakra

Fortune Telling:
I Ching, Pamistry, Numerology, Pendulum, Rune Divination, Dream Interpretation, Crystal Reading, Clairvoyance

Angel Readings:
Angel Readings, Angel Communication, Angel Healing

Plus: Services are available in 10 different languages!
English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Croatian, Holland, Portuguese, Polish, and Hungarian!

Oranum Review: Oranum Customer Service

Oranum’s Customer Service “handles every case individually, and makes all reasonable effort to resolve it amicably”.  I’ve read their customer service policy and found it to be very reasonable and considerate.  They’re not out to rip people off or to get ripped of by unscrupulous customers.  The only “down-side” I found was that customer service is only available by email.  And although they have no formal Money-Back Guarantee that I could find, they do express a willingness to work with people to find an “amicable solution” to any problems that may occur.

Oranum Review: The Bottom Line

To be honest, I think the unlimited free chat should allow everyone to make sure they’re going to be satisfied before paying for a psychic reading.  If you’re not satisfied with a psychic after chatting for a while, just move on to someone else.  You’re not out one single dime! Other companies may offer “free minutes” but they all require you to pay first in order to redeem those minutes!

Call me “old-school” but I just wish Oranum had telephone customer service and telephone psychic readings – along with their email, chat & webcam psychic readings.  Apart from that I believe Oranum is a very good company with legitimate psychics – well worth visiting.