Kasamba Review

Kasamba Review of My Psychic Reading

The psychics on Kasamba have been given 5-star ratings by their customers on more than 3 million readings!  Now THAT’s a good track record!

Kasamba was origionally started in 1999.  It is owned by Liveperson.com   LivePerson is an online expert advice company based in New York City with offices around the world. They purchased Kasamba in 2007, and later split that company off as a stand-alone service.  This action was to provide even better service to Kasamba customers; and it worked!  The entire business is designed and dedicated to the services you’re looking for.  Kasamba is top notch!

If you’re wondering about the unusual name, “Kasamba” is an African word that signifies “finding the path to knowledge or wisdom”.  For you this means “Find your way to true love… to your dreams… to happiness… with the guidance of your favorite advisors at Kasamba!”

Kasamba Review – First 3 Minutes Free To New Customers!

All you’re asked to do is purchase a mere 10 minutes to get your 3 FREE starter minutes. After that, their pricing is competitive with other companies.

At Kasamba you can rest assured that you’re dealing with real psychics. They’re all rigorously screened and tested before they get hired. They’re among the best psychics anywhere and can provide you with the best psychic readings available.

Kasamba Review – Their Psychic Services include:

  •  Psychic Readings
  • Love & Relationships – especially good!
  • Tarot Readings
  • Fortune Telling
  • Dream Analysis
  • Astrology Readings
  • Career Forecasts

At Kasamba you are able to sort by each psychic’s particular skills such as Spirit Guides, Tarot Readings, or whatever you’re looking for. This makes locating the right psychic for you quick and easy.

Another nice feature at Kasamba is that you can learn how long a psychic has been working with the Kasamba network.  We all prefer someone with experience no matter what we’re talking about.

Kasamba mainly offers Chat readings but phone readings are available from select psychics.  This is ideal for those who’d rather Chat than talk on the phone.

They even have multi-lingual Chat Services!
And If you forget something your psychic told you, not a problembecause…

Transcripts of your Chat readings are saved for future reference!  This is a fabulous bonus because it allows you to go back and review everything the psychic told you during your reading at any time.  That way you don’t have to try to remember every little detail of your reading.  It also allows you to gain even more new insights because you have time to review and reflect upon everything that was said.  And it’s all available to you 24/7!  I loved this feature.  NOBODY else does this!

Kasamba Review of their Satisfaction Guarantee:

Kasamba’s satisfaction guarantee states that if you’re not happy with your psychic reading, they will refund your purchase price up to $50.  Their pricing is reasonable and their Customer Service is as good as it gets.  (It is also in Chat format)… a great feature!

My Kasamba Review – The Bottom Line:

With the backing of a company like Liveperson.com, plus all the positive features about Kasamba itself, I am 100% comfortable about recommending them to my readers.  I absolutely love Kasamba!  Please click the link below to visit Kasamba.com.